Frequently Asked Questions

We do not guarantee color, these materials are natural products so we cannot control what comes out of the area we are mining at the time. If color is an issue you are welcome to go to our Show low pit at 930 1st Knoll Cinder Pit to look at what we are currently mining to be sure you feel the color will match close enough to what you already have down. If we bring the material and it is not the color you want the load will be subject to a return load fee.
We will not get out of the truck and shovel or rake the material, however the drivers can “ tailgate ” the material in some instances but it is never a guarantee. Things like trees, power lines, eves of a house will prevent the driver from being able to do this. We always leave it up to the drivers discretion when they get on site, so we do ask that you have an alternate plan to spread the material if the driver is unable to tailgate it. Also keep in mind in the winter time the material tends to be wet and / or frozen and it will not tailgate good at all. Any returned material is subject to a return load fee.
If you take the length x width that will give you the area you need covered. Or you are always welcome to give us a call with your measurements and we can help you figure that out. Also for a quick estimate, you can use our built-in yardage calculator, located in the calculator tab!
When you call us to place the order we will give you a window of time that the material will be delivered. Our delivery time is not exact due to things like traffic conditions, load times, and the ease of finding the delivery location. We do try our best to accommodate the date and time that you need your material but we cannot make any guarantees. We do recommend if you are trying to plan the delivery with any equipment rentals you may be planning that you schedule the material first that way you can be sure to have the material when you have equipment.

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